Saturday, January 14, 2017

Still seeing

Old Tony Lama

     2017 is here and I've noticed that my perspective on things hasn't changed.  I'm still drawn to that one thing in the landscape that is out of place and catches my eye.  That one herd of animals with something to say.

    The quirky, the fun, the off center, the truly lovely and the spark of a dream all still speak to me. 
    This makes me hopeful.  These are things that make me happy and these things make a scary world a better place. I hope that you find those things that will make 2017 that for you as well. 
Coming soon, an updated schedule of venues where I'll be sharing my work in person in the coming year. Stay tuned!
Talk to you soon,


Friday, October 28, 2016

Scotland 2016 is in the works

I'm in the middle of edits from my Scotland adventure.  Here's a look at an image from Skye to set you dreaming until I have more to share in a post.  Take a look at my images on my Flickr page (link in the right hand column) if you just can't wait.
I'll be back soon with impressions and stories from the trip.
See me here this weekend and why I haven't had time to post much here yet.
Talk to you again soon,

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Mexico adventure

New Mexico certainly did live up to the title Land of Enchantment.  We followed rainstorms and back roads all about the state.

Wandered through old neighborhoods and envied colorful doors, windows and gardens.

The best part of all was having these adventures with my Mom and sister Cheryl.  The "go see" gene is strong in the family and roaming the roads with like minded folk can't be beat.

Continuing the Western theme of the summer will be my next venue.  I'll be on the courthouse square during Celebrate Bandera this Labor Day weekend.

Celebrate Bandera Labor Day Weekend

Come out and enjoy all that makes Bandera the cowboy capitol of the world. Longhorns, cowboys, music, food and fun.

Hope to see you there!


ps Next up Scotland!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Headed West Again


     As so many other Texans do when the summer starts to set in I'm headed to New Mexico.  I'll only be there for a couple of weeks but I'm so looking forward to running some of those back roads.  I will be there to work as well.  If you are in Ruidoso come see me at

The show is on July 22,23 and 24th of July at the convention center. 

Cowboy Rick will be there along with many others.  Hope to see you there.

We'll talk again soon,


Saturday, June 4, 2016

What's next?

Come see me at the Blanco Lavender Festival.  This summer is starting off surprisingly mild and green.  This is the perfect weekend to get some shopping done in the lovely outdoors before the a/c begins to rule our days.
Details on the Southwest adventure to come in my next post.
See you soon,

Monday, May 2, 2016

Celebrate Mothers

Let's Celebrate Mothers
   I happen to have a wonderful one and I'm sure many of you do as well.  I've also been lucky to be exposed to many other examples in my life as well.  You may not have children of your own to mother but mother friends or perhaps your babies are covered by fur, feather or fin.  I believe those count as well.  Care and nurturing keep the world spinning and civilization balanced.  So raise a glass in toast to mothers everywhere.  It doesn't matter if its your original mother or one you found along the way.  To those souls that care for and nurture us, worry and sometimes weep but always hope and dream for us. Where would we be without you?