Monday, May 13, 2019


     It's been a few months since I made a blog post and a bit of a wait in the car service waiting room seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up with you all.  So let's get started.

     I've passed out a few cards about commission work but no one has jumped at the offer yet.  I'm not discouraged.  It felt good to claim that as an option and I know the right people will find me when its a perfect option.  The Spring shows have been filled with weather challenges.  I never curse the rain around here because I realize that it is hard to come by most of the time and it is keeping the temperature down.  I will however grumble about the mud in the booth and the untidy results in Vincent, the new van.

     My narrow avoidance of an art scam did have a positive result.  I have all my current #WindowFramed pieces in one place for viewing.  I've created a Flickr page (click on the underlined word and a new window will open with the page for you)  that will take you right to where I've posted everything that is ready to go now.  I'll keep it current by either removing or posting SOLD on pieces no longer available.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram have been getting these updates regularly and getting a first look at new pieces and the process of their creation and even the finding of the windows.  You are following along on Instagram right? Prints are still available through my Etsy shops as well, links on the right.  You'll find my international work there as well.

I posted my upcoming dates there recently I'll post a short recap here.  Contact me if you need further location details.

May 26 and 27 Kerrville Arts Festival
June 7,8, and 9 at the Lavender Festival in Blanco
July 6 and 7 Rockport Art Festival
July 26.27 and 28 Ruidoso Art Festival NM

In between studio work in town and art shows on the road the cats and I are giving Mom a hand at the home place in the country.  As a result my life if full of all the things I love and that is a good thing.  So I think you know everything that is interesting.  You don't want to know about my creaky knee or continuously patched jeans, right?  So I will close with a photo of a cow with cartoonishly windblown horns.  I'm always willing to find the whimsy in something.  I hope you are too.  It makes the world a better place.

Thanks to you all for your continued support and for following along on this adventure.

Til next time,


Thursday, January 3, 2019

The 2019 Adventure begins

What an absolutely wonderful year last year has been for me professionally.  I expect new and exciting adventures to follow this year.  Along with continuing the #WindowFramed series that you'll be able to find at the art shows I attend and upcoming retail venues, I am expanding to offer private commissions for folks looking to have me create a one of a kind fine art photograph just for them.  So many of you have asked if this was possible that I decided that YES, yes it is possible.  Here's what I'll be sharing when someone asks me if .....

If this sounds like something you've been dreaming of doing, maybe the cell phone photos you take just don't do your home place, deer lease, lake house or river side justice, then allow me to create that piece of art that will.  Until my show season goes into full swing starting in March I'll be offering an introductory price with the session fee of only $200. 
I hope you are as excited about the upcoming year as I am!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Here's where I'll be

It has been a busy year so far and is only going to get busier.  I hope you get to see my work at one of these upcoming venues.  The "WindowFramed" project really is a labor of love and the love I'm getting back from it is making the hard work worth while.  Even if you don't make it into some of these upcoming events please go check out the artwork of the other wonderful artists that will be there.  

Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Check in and Musings

Hello Friend-

I wanted to touch base before the Spring excitement of practically weekly shows gets started for me.  I'm sharing some new images that you may not have seen if you aren't following along with me on Instagram where you'll find my "Window Frames" project that is new at the shows this season and my ongoing struggle with work gloves blow outs.  I'm using old/vintage/shabby/fabulous found window frames to bring my work to life.  It is bringing me much joy.

I'll be at the Starving Artist show in downtown San Antonio at La Villita Saturday and Sunday April 7,8th this week.  Next weekend at the Lubbock Arts Festival at the civic center April 12,13,14th, then as part of Fiesta at the King William Fair on April 28th.  Then in May at LagoFest at Lago Vista on May 5, Art on the Greene in Arlington the 11th,12th and 13th finishing the month at Kerrville Festival of the Arts May 26 and 27th. Dang gurl....I know!  Then the big Hot sets in and I'll share more later on future shows.

So, last month in Salado I had someone in the booth looking at my photographs and wondering "Why can't I take photographs like that?"  I hear something similar almost every show because everyone takes pictures now.  Everyone has a camera in their hand all the time with their phones.  I'd been thinking about what makes my work different for a while.  How would I describe my work, what am I trying to say ..etc etc and ended up landing on this idea.  I'll share it with you and you can test it and see if it doesn't make a difference in the way you see and photograph.

The disclaimer:  All types of photography are valid and worthy, one isn't better than another just like any other art form, love what you love.  This is what I've found true for me.

My photography truly changed when I embraced the notion that I could make my photographs look like what I see.  A lot of that is captured in camera and some of it is created in editing.  The idea is that when you look at something or something catches your eye, you focus on whatever that is and all else "falls away" or isn't noticed.  That isn't necessarily true when you are taking a picture.  The camera is going to pay attention to everything that is in front of it.  Yes, you can manipulate that but this isn't a technique talk but about generalizations. So for an amateur, the biggest impact they can make to upping their picture taking game is to make that realization.  Find what captured your attention in the first place and make that what the photograph is about.  Notice that trash can that is going to be in the shot if you don't take a step to the right because your camera sure will.  Once you realize that the camera sees all and doesn't discriminate like your eye and minds does instinctively then you can take steps to make your photograph look like what you saw, either by what you do in camera or afterward in processing. 

I still take "representational" photographs-ones that look exactly like real life but more and more I'm trusting that what caught my eye and attention and spoke to me will speak to others as well.  Having almost weekly feedback from folks coming through the booth looking and smiling and dreaming along with me has done wonders to validate the directions I take my work into as my confidence grows.  I say to you-Give it a try- see if you don't notice a difference in your photography when you treat camera or phone like a human eye and see if you can't recreate that feeling yourself.

That's it for now.  Please do following along with me through this season as it feels like a turning point in my photography career and I'll be out and on the show circuit more than ever and hope to meet you along the way.

See you down the road,

Sunday, September 3, 2017

As summer wanes

Summer is on the way out.  You hear that summer? Let's have some cooler weather please.  Rumor has it we will see some 60's this week.  It's hard to work up the excitement to get out and shoot when its silly hot out.  Hence the above night shoot and the lovely, quirky dairy cows from New Mexico.

 I did find some gems while traveling to a show in Temple a couple of weeks ago.  Has anyone visited the historic town of Bartlett?  It deserves more time and its on my list to visit when I can walk around and find all the hidden gems like this doorway.

But before that happens I've got two weeks to spend in Tuscany.  This will be my second visit to Italy and I'm getting pretty excited.  I'll be braced this time for the cinema like shockwave that hits when I step off the plane.  I'll be posting mostly on Instagram while traveling and will update everywhere else once I'm back home.
Here's what is on the books for upcoming shows for the rest of the year.
Sept 16  Blanco Saturday Market on the square
Oct  21  Blanco Saturday Market on the square
Nov 4    Utopia Art show
Nov 25  Comfort Christmas Market
Dec 1,2  Castroville Old Time Christmas Show
As always, if you see an image you'd like to make part of your home,office or business place and can't find it in my Etsy shops, let me know.  We can make it happen.
Until next time my friend.  Stay open and see what you can see around you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


  Today starts some home renovations after an unexpected ceiling collapse.  As a result, I'm getting a new ceiling in the living room, walls painted and my wooden floors refinished through out the house.  This means everything must be removed from the house except the kitchen and bath.  If you've followed along with me  you know I've KonMari'd quite a bit of stuff but I still am a "d├ęcor" fan.  That means I surround myself with things I love.  Vintage finds, books, pieces of treasures from travels and art work on all my walls that includes quilts. 

I've been living the last few weeks with all that nesting material in disarray and today they are coming to pack it up and store it while the repairs take place. That's where the title of the post comes from.  Thank goodness "they" are thoughtful, careful women who are working conscientiously to make sure nothing is damaged in the process.  But still, as someone who lives alone and enjoys that, its a bit daunting to have my space invaded, packed and messed with.  This is fine. Its probably fine.  It'll be fine.

I think I mentioned once to often "Wouldn't it be nice to start fresh.  Just have everything out of the house and be more thoughtful about what I filled it with."   Here's my chance.  If it wasn't in the middle of show season it would be a perfect opportunity. Things don't have to be perfect for wonderful to happen and that's how I'm choosing to see this.  I've put my shops on vacation mode, kept out enough clothes to get by and am keeping my show gear in the car so I've got all I need.  The furry kids are staying at the "spa" that is Grandma's house.  So all is well.

Let's do this!

See you soon,