Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello Friend-

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what has been happening in my world.  I spent a wonderful Spring traveling through Italy and Scotland.  This was my first trip to Italy, many more to follow I'm sure, and my fifth to Scotland.  You probably know how I feel about Scotland already so you know I'll be back there as soon as possible.  I've got a few images added to my Etsy shop (link to your right on the side bar) and will add more as time allows.  Why wouldn't time allow you ask?  Well my Dad, see above image, is dealing with some health issues and I'm helping him and my Mom navigate doctor appointments, treatments and transportation.  So please send all the positive energy you can for Dad and I'll stay in touch. 

Things to remember:  The stars shine on you, so shine back.

All the best,


Sunday, May 25, 2014

A whole new part of Scotland to love

I'm spending the week in and around the Kintyre penisula and finding out just how beautiful it is.  The Kilmartin Glen dotted with standing stones and cairns, rolling hills and reflective lochs is a photographers paradise.  I've definely added it to my list of places to explore extensively.  I often laugh with my photography buddies about how we travel differently then other folks and how hard it must be for others to travel with us when we are in control.  I'd need a bumper sticker that reads "this car makes frequent stops".    There is also a trek or walk you can make down the whole of Kintyre that I've added to my "to do" list.  

So here's a little info about the first two images below.  The first is taken from the ferry from Oban to Mull.  We were returning after a day spent exploring Tobermory.  I couldn't have asked for lovelier weather or better clouds for that matter.  These images will be a joy to edit when I get back home.  The second image was taken while driving down the road between Craignure where the ferry lands and Tobermory.  I hadn't vistied that part of Mull before.  The bluebells were blanketing hills and roadside alike.  

I'm glad Mario was at the wheel.  I know I would have been a hazzard with all the rubber necking I was doing.

Some things to remember so far:

Kilmartin Glen
Explore Mull more fully
Tobermory painted waterfront

The joy of staying in a huge old house and traveling with like minded folks.

Thanks for coming along with me.  I'll share more soon.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Images from Italy

I'm not sure who was the most surprised when we found what was apparently a bit of Scotland right in the middle if Sicily.  We were on our last bit of the trip and we're making our way across Sicily to visit Syracuse before settling down in Palermo for a couple of days when the magic happened.

We drove through a large swath of the country that strongly resembled the rolling green hills of Scotland.

It was a lovely tie in to my next trip that starts in two weeks and that I'll be blogging about regularly from my iPad that is coming with me.

I'll be packing warmer clothes and heading to more northern climes (just in time as it's getting hot here in Texas).

Italy was a truly wonderful adventure and finding a reminder of my favorite place on the planet felt like an affirmation of the trip and a good omen for the next trip.  Never pass up an opportunity to take a trip, anywhere.

All the best,


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Italy oh Italy

So I've just returned from a wonderful two weeks touring Italy with some old friends and new. I'm in the midst of reviewing and editing images and already a pattern is emerging.  I'll share some of my favorites here but I don't want to wait until I get through them all to start sharing.  So what's the pattern?  People,the Italians themselves, full of life and stories that just beg to be captured.  So come meet some folks.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Springing Sprung

  It is finally Spring here in South Texas.  If you are a local you know that means wildflowers.  Some years are better than others, for some magical rain, cold, two years ago heat wave, reason.  So when the winter chill starts to leave us it is like we all get a chance to play the wildflower lottery.  Our state wide scratch off game gets rolling and everybody wins.

  I took a drive east of San Antonio the other day looking to see what I cold see.  The Indian Paint Brush were out in force. Not many Bluebonnets out yet but they may still make an appearance. 

     I think one of my favorite aspects of the wildflowers in our area is the fact that they grow in inhospitable places.  Sandy fields full of stickers (yes, I'm still recovering from my weeble like wallow in them).  Neglected road sides that aren't tended other than by industrial mowers maybe once a year.  There isn't anyone out there watering the roads sides or babying these beauties along.  They are going about their business despite us and with a little help from Ladybird Johnson.

   It has seemed like a long winter here and yes I know I'm a total weather wimp and wouldn't last a week in the frozen North, despite spending formative years in Alaska.  But like Arizona has a dry heat, we tend to have a damp cold and I was ready for Spring to arrive.  These fields of color are our compensation for cold without the pretty snow and too hot summers that aren't met with the same joy that others seem to get out of it.  Spring and Fall seem to be the Goldilocks of weather for me. Not too hot, not too cold,  but just right.

     So if you are lucky enough to live here or be driving through here in the next few weeks or so.  Stop and enjoy the beauty.  Mind the stickers and for goodness sakes the snakes.  Do pull over and enjoy the view.  It won't be exactly the same next year and hardly ever in the same spot.  Let the Wildflower lottery commence!