Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Springing Sprung

  It is finally Spring here in South Texas.  If you are a local you know that means wildflowers.  Some years are better than others, for some magical rain, cold, two years ago heat wave, reason.  So when the winter chill starts to leave us it is like we all get a chance to play the wildflower lottery.  Our state wide scratch off game gets rolling and everybody wins.

  I took a drive east of San Antonio the other day looking to see what I cold see.  The Indian Paint Brush were out in force. Not many Bluebonnets out yet but they may still make an appearance. 

     I think one of my favorite aspects of the wildflowers in our area is the fact that they grow in inhospitable places.  Sandy fields full of stickers (yes, I'm still recovering from my weeble like wallow in them).  Neglected road sides that aren't tended other than by industrial mowers maybe once a year.  There isn't anyone out there watering the roads sides or babying these beauties along.  They are going about their business despite us and with a little help from Ladybird Johnson.

   It has seemed like a long winter here and yes I know I'm a total weather wimp and wouldn't last a week in the frozen North, despite spending formative years in Alaska.  But like Arizona has a dry heat, we tend to have a damp cold and I was ready for Spring to arrive.  These fields of color are our compensation for cold without the pretty snow and too hot summers that aren't met with the same joy that others seem to get out of it.  Spring and Fall seem to be the Goldilocks of weather for me. Not too hot, not too cold,  but just right.

     So if you are lucky enough to live here or be driving through here in the next few weeks or so.  Stop and enjoy the beauty.  Mind the stickers and for goodness sakes the snakes.  Do pull over and enjoy the view.  It won't be exactly the same next year and hardly ever in the same spot.  Let the Wildflower lottery commence!

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