Sunday, January 30, 2011


When I was looking for inspiration a memory from my past resurfaced. The family gathering around a projection screen that was always a little awkward to put up. I can hear the raspy swoosh it made as it was raised. Pulling out the old Keystone 8mm projector and firing it up. It always had a unique smell as it ran. Kind of hot and plastic at the same time. The ratcheting sound as much a part of the experience as the sepia relatives I knew only from film. I dug through reels of film while setting up the projector reading the indexes of vacations past. I agree with them. The memories are worth keeping. I'll return and watch them all again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

House Guest

I've had house guests for the last week,swelling the cottage's cat count to six. This has brought an extensive list of additional chores. If anyone ever tells you that cats are low maintenance you have my permission to snort. Sweeping,scooping,filling water and food bowls. No not that food,something else. Gimme water from the bathroom faucet. But I need to sleep in the rolly chair in front the computer,you sit somewhere else. Tell him to stop looking at me. Whatcha drinking? Let me stick my paw in for a taste. I didn't knock that over. Their "non neediness" was not apparent.

That being said. I laughed at and petted, played and worried over each and every one and would do it again. A break from routine keeps you on your toes and helps you appreciate the blessings you have on a daily basis. This photograph is of one of my house guests, Calvin. He is struggling through health issues but made himself at home and did his best to please me by putting on some weight while he visited, one spoonful at a time. Calvin,Moles and Helo you are welcome anytime, despite what SweetPea may tell you.