Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Springtime Winter Wonderland

Good Morning Friend-
I woke up to a chilly temperature of 30 degrees here in the mountains of New Mexico.  While we haven't had snow here in Ruidoso I did get to visit some yesterday just up the road in Cloudcroft.  When I say "up the road" I mean that literally.  Winding up a mountain road filled with pine trees and chortling ravens Cheryl and Al and I came across some snow fall.
I hadn't seen snow you could pack in your hand since back in college when Southwest was shut down opening weekend by a hundred year snow. I know at least one of my readers was in it with me. So we stopped and I piddled around captured some images and chunked some snow, really accurately I might add.
I'm all set for Christmas cards this year.  So many beautiful scenes around here.  Even utilitarian barns manage to look picturesque.
This first image at the top of the page is an old railroad trestle just outside of Cloudcroft as you head down the mountain into Alamogordo and into a whole other kind of white out.
The conditions weren't ideal for visiting White Sands National Monument but they were impressive none the less. It was windy and the sand was "weaponized" to a fine baby powder dust that was everywhere.  But it was strangely compelling to drive through the dunes and see only white.  A totally alien landscape that we attempt to tame with picnic tables and road signs.  I'd love to shoot it again on a still night with just the stars above.  Perhaps on the next trip.
So a lovely day with snow on top, snow like drifts at the bottom and good Mexican food in between in Tularosa. 
Stay tuned.  You never know what I might find next.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

First views from the New Mexico Road Trip

Hello from the road-
It isn't all fun and games when you are on the road.  I mean, you have to wake up to breathtaking views along the Rio Ruidoso.
You have to travel back roads to magical places filled with blue skies, green grass, burned trees that still manage to be majestic and hillsides holding them all together.
Then comes the historic sites that tell stories all their own.
Its a tough job but I guess I'll keep at it. 
First full day in New Mexico did not disappoint.
Stay tuned. I'll be on the road for a bit and share some images as I go.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Maps are my friends


Are you a map fan?  Does the accordion puzzle that is a paper map fill you with excitement rather than dread?  Does the map pocket in your car actually contain a map? Does trailing your finger along the rural road on a map, acting as the navigator, give you with satisfaction? If so, then you will totally understand how the ritual of getting out the maps can help build the excitement for an upcoming trip.

I spent close to thirty years at work with at least one map in my hand for most of the day.  I gave folks directions over the phone.  Stayed with them on the line as they passed intersections and called out street names to me.  After years of this I think I self installed a type of GPS in my head or at the very least I erased any fear of using a map and panicking at what getting lost could mean. I always felt sorry for folks that just didn't seem to get that the sun rose in the East and set in the West and you could use this information to map your place in the world.

So yesterday I bought my airplane tickets for Scotland at the end of August and this morning I brought out the map.  Travel dreams are being brought to the forefront of my thoughts.  Don't get me wrong, they are always there, but they are getting a lot more dream time as of now.  Prior to Scotland though I've got a road trip with my sister. I'll be taking her back home to Ruidoso NM and meeting up with a couple of friends at some point West of there before heading home again. I'll have my camera gear on the seat next to me as well as the maps.  I'll have my eyes, mind and heart wide open to see what I can see. I will also have my iphone as well but its not as much fun to fold up and put away.

So stay tuned friend.  I'll have my gear for posting and processing photographs as well so you'll be able to travel along with me.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Unexpected Connections

Hello Friend-

Well, I survived and enjoyed the weekend's art show and sale. That is really saying something for one who is basically a solitary person in this and every lifetime.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy society and meeting folks but if I had my druthers and push came to shove I'd be holed up with a book all by my onesies and be very content.  That being said, meeting folks at the show was a real joy.  I think I might get better at it with practice.  I'll share a couple of examples of why it was so unexpected and delightful.

A young couple walks into the booth and starts looking through my travels images.  They were enjoying the images from Italy in particular. Come to find out they were new to San Antonio and had moved from Italy.  The young woman asked me if I knew what the street name on the wall of this image translated to?  I had to say I hadn't realized it was anything other than a street name.  But this is Italy folks and everything has a touch of the cinematic about it.  The name sign you can see about the young woman's head on the right is Piazzetta del Buonumore. Which translates to Good Mood Place.  How wonderful is that?  How sweet it was to meet a couple a little bit homesick and willing to share a little of the secret magic of Italy with me.  Score one for meeting new people!
Cue another young couple.  They were everywhere by the way. Young folks shopping, walking impossibly cute dogs and enjoying life.  Anyway, so another lovely young couple steps in, drawn by some of my quirky livestock photos.  Kisses was the hit of the booth.
The couple is drawn to the kissing longhorns and came in to chat. Come to find out they are from Glasgow Scotland and recognize the above image as the young woman used to live right across the street from where it was taken.  They went home with Kisses.  That makes my heart smile that as much as I'm in love with Scotland I was able to create something from home that spoke to someone from there.  Score two for let's meet more new people!
I ended up having a great show, meeting lots of charming folks and feeling affirmed in my decision to follow my dream and make art with my photography and still be able to sustain my material needs while feeding my soul.
Thank you to everybody that stopped by the booth and found something they liked or maybe just one of my super wonderful www.moo.com business cards that are little gems of  images to collect that have all my contact details and places to find me online.  Thanks to photo friends that stopped by to share their love and support. Thanks also to my pal Peter Florczak at www.peterflorczak.com  and his compelling images that shared the booth space with me . Without his materials and unflagging support and years of experience I would have been all at sea in this strange new world that is the art show circuit. Nobody understands the life better than another photographer. 
So I end the weekend a little foot sore, pollen covered but filled with the happy energy that comes of people enjoying my work and sharing the laughter, sighs and wonder that is out there to see.
Until next time-
All the best,



Friday, April 3, 2015

Starving Artist Art Show and Sale

Hello friend-

I thought I'd give you a little preview of some of what I'm taking with me to the art show this weekend.  Of course all my work is available to order but these images you'll be able to walk off with and hang when you get home.  There will be a selection of #Outlander inspired images, some Texas flair, Italian style and a bit of the magical.

I hope to see you there even if its only to say Hey.  I'll be sharing booth space with my good photo buddy Peter Florczak.  Its fun to see our different styles side by side.  You could call it "He saw, She saw" or something similar. I think the contrast helps to show each to their best advantage.
Until next time.
All the best,