Thursday, April 16, 2015

Maps are my friends


Are you a map fan?  Does the accordion puzzle that is a paper map fill you with excitement rather than dread?  Does the map pocket in your car actually contain a map? Does trailing your finger along the rural road on a map, acting as the navigator, give you with satisfaction? If so, then you will totally understand how the ritual of getting out the maps can help build the excitement for an upcoming trip.

I spent close to thirty years at work with at least one map in my hand for most of the day.  I gave folks directions over the phone.  Stayed with them on the line as they passed intersections and called out street names to me.  After years of this I think I self installed a type of GPS in my head or at the very least I erased any fear of using a map and panicking at what getting lost could mean. I always felt sorry for folks that just didn't seem to get that the sun rose in the East and set in the West and you could use this information to map your place in the world.

So yesterday I bought my airplane tickets for Scotland at the end of August and this morning I brought out the map.  Travel dreams are being brought to the forefront of my thoughts.  Don't get me wrong, they are always there, but they are getting a lot more dream time as of now.  Prior to Scotland though I've got a road trip with my sister. I'll be taking her back home to Ruidoso NM and meeting up with a couple of friends at some point West of there before heading home again. I'll have my camera gear on the seat next to me as well as the maps.  I'll have my eyes, mind and heart wide open to see what I can see. I will also have my iphone as well but its not as much fun to fold up and put away.

So stay tuned friend.  I'll have my gear for posting and processing photographs as well so you'll be able to travel along with me.

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