Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Springtime Winter Wonderland

Good Morning Friend-
I woke up to a chilly temperature of 30 degrees here in the mountains of New Mexico.  While we haven't had snow here in Ruidoso I did get to visit some yesterday just up the road in Cloudcroft.  When I say "up the road" I mean that literally.  Winding up a mountain road filled with pine trees and chortling ravens Cheryl and Al and I came across some snow fall.
I hadn't seen snow you could pack in your hand since back in college when Southwest was shut down opening weekend by a hundred year snow. I know at least one of my readers was in it with me. So we stopped and I piddled around captured some images and chunked some snow, really accurately I might add.
I'm all set for Christmas cards this year.  So many beautiful scenes around here.  Even utilitarian barns manage to look picturesque.
This first image at the top of the page is an old railroad trestle just outside of Cloudcroft as you head down the mountain into Alamogordo and into a whole other kind of white out.
The conditions weren't ideal for visiting White Sands National Monument but they were impressive none the less. It was windy and the sand was "weaponized" to a fine baby powder dust that was everywhere.  But it was strangely compelling to drive through the dunes and see only white.  A totally alien landscape that we attempt to tame with picnic tables and road signs.  I'd love to shoot it again on a still night with just the stars above.  Perhaps on the next trip.
So a lovely day with snow on top, snow like drifts at the bottom and good Mexican food in between in Tularosa. 
Stay tuned.  You never know what I might find next.


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