Monday, May 4, 2015

Holy Smokes Arizona was so beautiful

Hello from Arizona-

I've spent the last few days running some red dirt roads around the Wupatki National Monument.  Those are the San Francisco Peaks just north of Flagstaff on the horizon.

There were blooming plants everywhere.
My resident plant expert and companion for this leg of the trip shared all kinds of details about what I saw filling the landscape around me.  I've even got a couple of "boots" from a saguaro that had passed away to take home.

Here is Janet braving the cliff's edge to get some terrific panorama shots.  This from an amazing/breath taking/teeth rattling/OMG how do people not die on this road trip along the rim road of the Mogollon Rim near Payson.
We managed to conjure a rainbow while coming off the mountain from Jerome headed back towards Sedona.  So many more adventures as well that just can't be captured with images alone.
So I'm headed back East and still finding such lovely scenes.  I'll leave you tonight with this last image captured this evening as the thunderstorms roll by.  The lovely farmland just outside Willcox AZ.  I can safely say that Arizona has been added to my list of places to explore again and again.  I was surprised over and over by the lushness, forested mountains, mystery lakes, cliff side roads and multicolored rocks.  I'll have more to share soon.
Good night all,


  1. Yay!! I so enjoyed being able to join you for part of this journey. Beautiful, beautiful pics!

  2. Thank you Janet for sharing such wonderful spots and contributing to the magic.