Monday, May 5, 2014

Images from Italy

I'm not sure who was the most surprised when we found what was apparently a bit of Scotland right in the middle if Sicily.  We were on our last bit of the trip and we're making our way across Sicily to visit Syracuse before settling down in Palermo for a couple of days when the magic happened.

We drove through a large swath of the country that strongly resembled the rolling green hills of Scotland.

It was a lovely tie in to my next trip that starts in two weeks and that I'll be blogging about regularly from my iPad that is coming with me.

I'll be packing warmer clothes and heading to more northern climes (just in time as it's getting hot here in Texas).

Italy was a truly wonderful adventure and finding a reminder of my favorite place on the planet felt like an affirmation of the trip and a good omen for the next trip.  Never pass up an opportunity to take a trip, anywhere.

All the best,


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