Saturday, October 17, 2009

Be Free

Do you remember what it felt like to not care what someone else thought of you? Can you remember a time when it didn't matter if you were popular or if people wanted to know what you thought? Get back there. Explore your world with joy. Live for yourself for a bit. Enjoy your life and your passion. Relax and remember why you used to love what you do. You can get it back.


  1. I do remember that, KC!!! I'm lettin' go and lookin' to get it back.
    This is sooo cute. Is there anything at all more charming than little ones running around bare butt at the beach?

  2. Ummmm, Kim...just where, exactly, did you find that picture of me? Man, I could have sworn there wasn't anybody around when I decided to drop my drawers...

    Although from an artistic point of view, it's a lovely picture. And your economy of words is noteworthy as well.


  3. "Explore your world with joy~" I love that!