Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST in Time

Time is a magical thing. In this photograph, The Faerie Falls. it slowed so as to allow me to see the flowing water, like liquid silk, soft and dreamy. Some of my favorite places are the small hidden nooks and hollows or hallows if you prefer. Places, that if you drive by too fast, or drive instead of walk, they are only a green blur. I set out to find tall majestic cliffs and hills and turned around and found The Faerie Falls instead. A favorite author of mine, Karen Marie Moning wrote "both forward and backward doth time fly, wither thou art, remember". So I'll slow down. I'll look before me and behind, ahead and back, into the future and return to the past.


  1. Your photographs are beautiful.

  2. ok, here is where I want to spend some quality time!

  3. I just marvel at your images! You truly have a gift! Check out my blog .....I'm going to feature you as my new fav! (In the sidebar!)


  4. Thanks so much Shelly-I just took a peek, looks great. Thanks for including me.

  5. Shelly sent me your way but I'll be back on my own with much pleasure... I love photography - it gives such light and life - that you share it with others - what a gift! So glad you peeked in on my site too! Jennifer Happy Day!