Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salvaged Reflections

I spent yesterday afternoon soaking up some vintage/antique/used/chippy/historical/salvaged/re purposed/old atmosphere. There is a great architectural salvage store not to far from work so I headed there after work. Its in a old warehouse right next to the railroad tracks just west of downtown. Its not the best part of town but that part of the adventure right? I headed in and asked the owner if she minded if I took some photographs. She was very welcoming. So I snooped to my hearts content. Stacks of old lumber. Piles of window weights. Bathtub feet lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery. Each piece old, made to last and fulfilling that promise. Their home may have come down around them but they wait, ready to step in again. This image was a stack of old mirrors culled from dressers and medicine chests. They sat quietly, huddled together reflecting the salvages dreams around them.


  1. Love the reflections & repeating patterns. Did you happen to get a photo of the bathtub feet all lined up? (maybe that comes tomorrow?)
    Good that you get out after work & do something fun for yourself ( I often make the excuse "i'm too tired," after work!)
    Looks like you had a fun adventure at the Wrestling Match!

  2. Why yes Becky-I just happened to have gotten that shot as well as 75 of his friends : )

  3. My facebook friend Suzy wanted to share some thoughts as well.

    BryanSuzy Manning September 15 at 11:19pm Kim, I went to your page and tried to comment on your photo but it would'nt let me ):
    Anyway, I said that this reminds me of seeing an old run down house. I always think of the lives that were created there, the dreams that were dreamt there, did they come true or did they die with the old abandoned house? Anyway, your mirrors reflections made me think of that... Thanks for sharing