Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don't only photograph kittens and ducklings, honest. I had mean ol wrestlers a few posts back. But there was something about this little guy that just begged capturing. So I spent some time getting down on his level today and have the rug burns on my elbows to prove it. Observations about kittens: They're speedy. Their noses get dirty and require wiping if you want that "kitten calender" shot. They grow up really fast so if you want to capture them at their teensiest you better get busy. This little guy is still waiting to be named offically. Latest thinking is Whipper as his tail is a bit of a windmill.


  1. Kim,
    He's adorable! I haven't had a pet for almost 20 years... I miss it.
    He's a bundle of love :)