Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Perfect Autumn Day

Just outside the gates of Dryburgh Abbey in the borders area of Scotland, waits a view of my perfect Autumn day. There are trees waving a last goodbye in brilliant colors. A lovely stone wall with bits of moss as mortar. A further fence to keep the sheep and cattle off the abbey grounds. The view is all the more precious because there won't be another like it for me once I return home. South Texas seasons don't so much "turn" as casually glance over one shoulder and then another. So I throughly enjoyed my Fall in Scotland. Cold and rain, sunny days with a jacket still required and so many colors I felt like I had a seat next to a forest fire that burned without damage. Almost Thanksgiving and I sit here in the cottage with all the windows open and the sun shining brightly. Dreaming of a cool, damp beautiful Scotland waiting for my return.

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