Saturday, August 13, 2011

Support or Constraint

Here's something to consider. Are the things and or people in your life supporting you or constraining you? Do they prop you up or hold you back? Are you taking short shallow sips of oxygen or are you breathing deeply and filling yourself with life giving air? Are you strong enough to support yourself? Absolutely. Are you brave enough? I believe that too. Loosen your stays! Fill your lungs and life with enlightened air.


  1. Choosing friends wisely, and letting those friends *really* into your life is one way of filling one's lungs and life with enlightened air...just sayin...

  2. What Felty said and these are all such important things to really, deeply and honestly consider. I looked at this gorgeous photo for a long time. I love how it looks fragile or vulnerable and still has the feeling of strength and dignity.(to me) Well done.

  3. Thanks to two of my best girdle friends