Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Garden

The heat has arrived for the summer here. That means the last of the tomatoes are coming in from Mom and Dad's garden. If Mom had her way that would have stopped a week ago. Dad however can't stand to let one little bit of one go to waste. I think their opinions are swayed by the division of labor in the canning process. I ended up with one little squash on a plant I grew and that was donated to a neighbor for the kind act of mowing my grass while I was on vacation. So this summers tomatoes will have to be savored in hot sauce,tomato sauce, tomato relish,and just regular old canned tomatoes. Summer saved up in a Ball jar. Ever ready to lend that home grown wonderfulness with the pop of a seal.

Don't look now Mom...Dad's picking figs!


  1. These photos are so fun and playful! Those tomatoes look pretty tasty too!

    I cannot wait to have a garden of my own someday. I actually hope to open a small flower farm with my same "ChatterBlossom" name. Can't wait!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Jamie.

    That sounds like a most excellent dream.