Sunday, October 28, 2012

Speed of Light

I'm back from a few days filling my eyes and head and heart with new places.  I visited parts of the Hill Country I've never seen before.  I stayed in a little log cabin on a hill without phone service or internet and spent the days running the back roads, looking.  Just looking, to see what I could see. To see what caught my imagination. I found this train car left abandoned in Llano,TX.  It belonged to a tour company at one time that gave scenic train rides.  The company went under and abandoned the train car on a stranded track in the middle of the small town.  It was strickly enter at your own risk and just creepy enough to warrant the climb up into it. The doors were locked at each end of the car to deny entrance.  The light however, flooded the car.  I could hear the racket of the rails and see the back and forth shifting of the riders from years before.  How fast might they have traveled then? Hard to tell.  In my imagination they now travel at the speed of light in their abandoned rail car.  They can tour the world, gawping at the sights, just like I do. Windows wide open to the passing world.

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  1. Creepy and ethereal at the same time. Like a train to the other world. Great shot!