Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm in the process of reading Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck.  I can't tell you what a chord this has struck with me.  Perhaps it reminds me of my young life living in Alaska and camping out most weekends during the summer.  Maybe he is capturing they same feelings I'm having now when I MUST "go and see".  For whatever reason I am thoroughly enjoying it.  About 22% in (thank you Kindle for the lack of page numbers) he describes the word vacilando.  Its a Spanish word that doesn't really have an English equivalent.  He says, "if one is vacilando, he is going somewhere but doesn't greatly care whether or not he gets there, although he has direction.  This so closely describes my "go and see" trips that I actually said "exactly!" out loud when I read it.
I'm on an Easter egg hunt, a visual troll using my imagination as bait. I hit the high planes west of San Antonio last weekend and came across cows in the winter scrub brush, empty houses with stories still to tell and a new word that just might make a great tattoo.


  1. This is awesome, Kim!! I love your tattoo idea, what a great word :)

    Your new photos are so beautiful!