Thursday, October 8, 2015

Scotland was amazing as always

 Hello my friend.  I've been back from Scotland for a few weeks now and been through all my images.  While trying to decide what to share I was spoiled for choice so I'm going to share a lot.  I'm sure there will be more than one blog post about the trip.  So how would I #hashtag the trip?  #heather it was in bloom and covering the hillsides in amazing shades of purple, lavender, pink and beauty. #whiskey Well of course I tasted some and enjoyed every drop. #romance How can you not be set dreaming in an atmosphere like this? #goodfriends I'm so lucky on the trips to be able to share them with such good friends and make more along the way. #breathtaking The beauty of Scotland never fails to leave me with my jaw dropped and eyes opened wide in wonder.  So, no more words just look at some of what I captured. Let me know if you want more particulars about a particular image. 

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