Monday, May 13, 2019


     It's been a few months since I made a blog post and a bit of a wait in the car service waiting room seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up with you all.  So let's get started.

     I've passed out a few cards about commission work but no one has jumped at the offer yet.  I'm not discouraged.  It felt good to claim that as an option and I know the right people will find me when its a perfect option.  The Spring shows have been filled with weather challenges.  I never curse the rain around here because I realize that it is hard to come by most of the time and it is keeping the temperature down.  I will however grumble about the mud in the booth and the untidy results in Vincent, the new van.

     My narrow avoidance of an art scam did have a positive result.  I have all my current #WindowFramed pieces in one place for viewing.  I've created a Flickr page (click on the underlined word and a new window will open with the page for you)  that will take you right to where I've posted everything that is ready to go now.  I'll keep it current by either removing or posting SOLD on pieces no longer available.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram have been getting these updates regularly and getting a first look at new pieces and the process of their creation and even the finding of the windows.  You are following along on Instagram right? Prints are still available through my Etsy shops as well, links on the right.  You'll find my international work there as well.

I posted my upcoming dates there recently I'll post a short recap here.  Contact me if you need further location details.

May 26 and 27 Kerrville Arts Festival
June 7,8, and 9 at the Lavender Festival in Blanco
July 6 and 7 Rockport Art Festival
July 26.27 and 28 Ruidoso Art Festival NM

In between studio work in town and art shows on the road the cats and I are giving Mom a hand at the home place in the country.  As a result my life if full of all the things I love and that is a good thing.  So I think you know everything that is interesting.  You don't want to know about my creaky knee or continuously patched jeans, right?  So I will close with a photo of a cow with cartoonishly windblown horns.  I'm always willing to find the whimsy in something.  I hope you are too.  It makes the world a better place.

Thanks to you all for your continued support and for following along on this adventure.

Til next time,


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