Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time Passages

I decided to work on a photo assignment this afternoon. Tic Toc and all that implies. So, I'm setting up the clock and watch, getting out the tripod, fiddling around to get started and the whole time that old song Time Passages is running through my head. "I go drifting through those time passages". As another birthday draws near its a good time to cast my line into the time passages and see what I might have forgotten about. Something I still needed to work on? Some place I had forgotten to remember. Some book I was supposed to read. Some memory I was supposed to remember to remember? As much as I love living around vintage things I'm reminded that remembering the past is wonderful. Living in the past can be a waste of the life you have now. Cast your line back by all means. Then cast your gaze around where you are right now and make these moments memorable.

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