Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Cowgirl's Dream

I spent part of yesterday communing with the farm and ranch folk at the livestock show and rodeo here in town. Huge barns full of all manner of livestock.
Horses,pigs,goats I'm sure there was a bear in one of the barns. It was fragrant, colorful and a whole nuther world. Just what I love to try to get peeks at. I met a fellow photographer there that is living her dream. Joanne Meekes. She takes photographs of a lifestyle she loves and lives, ranching. She hits the San Antonio and Houston rodeos and the Calgary Stampede selling her work and then spends the rest of her time with her horses on her ranch in Wyoming. She had a style that was unique to her. The kind of artist that if you saw a piece you would know it is her work. She found a passion for a subject and is managing to capture that and share it. I'm still young in my photography and am still looking for that voice that is uniquely mine. I'm thrilled when I come across someone else that got there and is living their dream.   a link to this image


  1. I think that you are well on your way to finding your artistic voice, Kim. This is a beautiful photograph.

  2. Si, anche a me piace molto.

  3. She is way talented! And her life sounds pretty amazing too. thanks for sharing! You will find that style, or maybe never find it, or maybe you have it and don't know it? :) I'm all over the place. My heart is in beachy, coastal photography and most of my work shows that. But I am in awe of architecture, macro, and portraiture, too. Ah well! I guess my style is everything! :))

  4. Loving your blog! This photo is fabulous, well done!
    (Visit my blog, it's not artistic, but it is in Scotland!!)

  5. Welcome Claire-

    You said the magic word, Scotland. I'm liable to follow you anywhere now. I am following you now,not in a scary way, just a blog way.