Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Reflections

I spent yesterday tramping through Lost Maples State Park with a group of fellow photographers. Lost Maples is one of the few places near San Antonio with naturally occurring Fall color and draws huge crowds when the colors start to turn. Despite the large groups of Fall color fans there was plenty of room for everyone. We each had plenty of room to kick some leaves and take photos. We stayed until well after dark. I had forgotten how gorgeous the sky could be in remote areas. Despite the sore back (from lugging camera gear) soar legs (need to get working on those lunges again) and two lungs full of cedar (no ill effects, thank you very much) I really feel like I need to make a point to get out to the far beyond more often.


  1. Oooh pretty. Gosh, I wish I could live somewhere like that.

  2. Thank Keilah-It sure is a magical spot. It is out of the way however and guite a drive and a hike to get there. But that's half the fun, yes?