Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Mists

As a photographer you are always looking for that sweet light. A light that does more than just illuminate. It becomes a part of the photograph. Foggy,misty, pea soup mornings do that for me. The damp turns my mundane often over looked neighborhood into a place full of possiblities. Who knows what could walk out of the mist with a story to tell. So I spent this morning within a few miles of my home enjoying what a little moisture does to the landscape and my perspective. The flickr link in the right column will show you some of my other favorite images from this morning. This particular tree for many years held a hawk's nest at the very top. The limb finally broke and I guess they decided it was a bad risk to build again. That doesn't keep me from scrutinizing it every time I drive by, which is fairly often, just in case they move back to The Hawk Tree.