Thursday, October 3, 2013

Look what I can do! (insert Stuart jump kick)

Ok-maybe it is more aptly said. Look what I can use!  I've been searching for a while for something that would enable me to show the scale of a photography in a room.  I used all kinds of search terms in online searches and finally came across the term Wall Guide and found this wonderful site by Ariana Falerni where you can place your photos in groupings or individually within a room to give a client an idea of how the art the purchase might look in their home.  I've known since I started that I'm not an instinctive photoshop user and that is what made finding someone that does speak the language such treat.  The program was easy to use and adapt and I'll be exploring further in the future. 
What else did I learn?  I live in a teensy cottage but some folks have large blank walls needing art.  I need to expand my scope.  This photograph Three Kings was from my last trip to Scotland and taken from the top of Duart Castle.  This was also my first really large print sale.  The customer that ordered this got it in a 36x48.  While I had trouble finding a space big enough to view the whole thing in my little place, this really is a piece worthy of a grand scale and is most striking when shown large.  So I need to think outside my cottage dimensions and make a point of letting folks know that the photographs can "go big".  With this handy new program I'll be able to help you decide what size image would work best in your space.  I want you to love the art you receive from me, big or small.
Now, let's go make some pictures!



  1. Hey you tech guru you!

    Thinking out of the (cottage) box in all sorts of ways. You go :-)

  2. Lookit you!!! Great that you can go big, Go Big or stay home, I like to say and both can be pretty nice. :)