Thursday, October 31, 2013


We lost a member of our family last night.  Ransom was a husband, father, friend and neighbor and will be sorely missed.  I can remember him more or less setting me on my photography path.  When I got my first digital camera I would take a photograph of a flower in my yard every Sunday and share it in an email with family and friends.  Ransom always had the most to say about them and how much he enjoyed them.  I began to work each week to capture an image I was sure he would think was great.  It helped train my eye and helped me look outside the box to try to keep it fresh each week.  I had never realized just how much that influenced me until now as I sit, trying to honor a friend who has passed. 

Here are some of those Sunday flowers for you Ransom. You will be missed.



  1. Such a beautiful tribute, Kim. Thank you for sharing this. (((hugs)))

  2. Wonderful blog for Ransom. What a wonderful thing he did for you.