Friday, November 29, 2013

Cypress trees...I just love them.  Part of it has to do with where they hang out.  That would be all along the lovely river banks in the surrounding area.  They provide lovely color for us in the Fall, a handy roost for buzzards (see black spots at the top of this one),debris catchers for flash floods, jumping off points for imagination.   In the image below a fallen bit is suspended above the colored stones of the Comal river in New Braunfels.  The water was soon clear and beautiful it reminded of stained glass.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Bald Cypress that grows along fresh water rivers in my neck of the woods only grow in the United States now.  The Sabinal river takes its name from the Spanish word sabino which means cypress. 

This image The Cypress Sirens was captured along that river.

So you can see why these are some of my favorite subjects.  It doesn't matter if they are viewed from the bank, or a tube but they really shouldn't be viewed from a speeding car.  Next time you see them, stop and say Hello.  They'll have a story to tell if you listen. 

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