Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Faerie Spring

Rural Route

Spring Swing

Rolling in the Deep

Hello Friend-
It has been a while since I last checked in with you.  In the mean time Spring came around again as you can see from the images above.  South Texas looks like the fields started the Fiesta early and are sharing their beauty with us all.
February 1st my Dad passed away.  He had been living with lung cancer this last year. I'm so glad I was in a place that I had all the time I needed to help him and Mom out as the year continued.  My leaving work happened at the opportune time.  I know I couldn't have coped with everything and a high stress job as well.  Things happen for reasons, and blessings come in many forms.  I wouldn't give back this time for anything.  I have described to friends that it felt like I had been walking into a stiff wind for a long time and suddenly the wind stopped blowing.  I'm in the midst of getting my balance back and part of that is getting involved here again.  Many thanks to all who provided a wind break through out the year whether physical, cyber or just with positive thoughts, all were felt.
So, what's on tap for me?  Well, this weekend I'll be selling my work at the 43rd annual Starving Artist Art Show and Sale in LaVillita in downtown San Antonio.  I'm returning again to my beloved Scotland at the end of August with my dear friends at www.scottishdreamtours.com .  I'm on the look out for more show opportunities and more travel as always.  I'm continuing to sell my work in my two Etsy shops www.kclarkphotography.etsy.com and www.kclarkwest.etsy.com  . You can check out links in the column on the right side of the page.  I'm always happy to work on custom orders if you've seen something here or on Flickr that isn't in the shops.   Oh, and I'm also planning to get my own website up and running as well.  Add that to my "to do" list please.  Gotta love a good list.
I'll be talking to you soon.
All the best,