Monday, July 6, 2015

Water Fairy Fence

I was out and about yesterday on a "go see".  Mom was riding shotgun and we determined that we must have found every low water crossing in Medina and Bandera counties.  This particular crossing told me a story as the clear water rushed by under the car.
I imagined how hard it must be for the water folk to deal with the flash floods that frequent this part of Texas.  I could see them reaching out to the local rancher and asking for his help.  They kept losing folk to the rushing water and many downstream relocation's had been required. Could he do anything to help a fairy out?  The rancher ended up stringing a fence line across the stream to provide the little ones a chance to grab hold and ride out the rising water.
From now on I'll view this fencing differently.  No longer will it be an obstacle to shoot around in my photographs but a much needed aid in this and other worlds.
I'll be talking to you again soon and in the mean time....why not let your imagination off the leash?

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