Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally a Barn to explore

The Night Loft
Hello Friend-
If we've been in a car together within the last year or so then you probably remember me scanning the road sides for the perfect barn to photograph. If we haven't been out on the roads together then I hope we get to go someday. the other day Mom and I were out for a drive and I spotted a barn at the Hill Country State Natural Area that clearly needed to be investigated further.  So I put a call out to my photo buds and they agreed to explore it with me.
We braved low water crossings, frigid northern winds, pollen for days and an early morning start to see what we could see.
We found some wonderful light and a barn full of character.  Warm old wood, cool tin walls, dirt floors and a loft where apparently the night sky is kept during the day.  What's not to love?
This does not mean I have finished exploring barns.  In fact, this has whetted my appetite and I will continue to explore each one I come across. 
I love spotting the little quirks in the structure.  The reuse of found architecture, recycled doors windows and wood bits and pieces.
Good times and a wonderful lunch with like minded photo fiends makes for wonderful memories and photographs.  Give me a heads up if you've spotted a barn you think I need to check out.
So until next time dear friend, keep your eyes open and see what you can see.  Oh and you can see me and my work in person on March 12 from 10-4 at the SoFlo Market
All the best,








  1. What a nice collection of moody barn photos. Wish mine had come out half a well.

  2. Thanks Peter. I can't wait to see what you captured.