Sunday, September 3, 2017

As summer wanes

Summer is on the way out.  You hear that summer? Let's have some cooler weather please.  Rumor has it we will see some 60's this week.  It's hard to work up the excitement to get out and shoot when its silly hot out.  Hence the above night shoot and the lovely, quirky dairy cows from New Mexico.

 I did find some gems while traveling to a show in Temple a couple of weeks ago.  Has anyone visited the historic town of Bartlett?  It deserves more time and its on my list to visit when I can walk around and find all the hidden gems like this doorway.

But before that happens I've got two weeks to spend in Tuscany.  This will be my second visit to Italy and I'm getting pretty excited.  I'll be braced this time for the cinema like shockwave that hits when I step off the plane.  I'll be posting mostly on Instagram while traveling and will update everywhere else once I'm back home.
Here's what is on the books for upcoming shows for the rest of the year.
Sept 16  Blanco Saturday Market on the square
Oct  21  Blanco Saturday Market on the square
Nov 4    Utopia Art show
Nov 25  Comfort Christmas Market
Dec 1,2  Castroville Old Time Christmas Show
As always, if you see an image you'd like to make part of your home,office or business place and can't find it in my Etsy shops, let me know.  We can make it happen.
Until next time my friend.  Stay open and see what you can see around you.

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