Friday, June 4, 2010

The Hills I Eyed

This photo safari was another afternoon spent on my ongoing search for the ulitimate cliff/hills photograph for a camera club assignment. This is The Devil's Backbone. Part of the Hill Country north of town. I captured limestone hills,cedar trees, smoke from brush burns and I just know there is a rattlesnake or two in there. Did I mention the sunburn? Its not the same as the Scotland I love so well. But it isn't concrete and manicured lawn either and that is just fine by me.


  1. I've never been to Texas... and I've always imagined it as flat! Sounds silly, huh? After seeing your pic, I looked it up on Google... looks like a nice getaway!

  2. Hey Becky-

    You can usually find just about any type of landscape in Texas. You just have to be willing to drive to get to it. Here in South Texas its best to avoid summer visits unless you pack your flame retardant shorts. It gets hot and humid.