Monday, June 21, 2010

Ironstone Maiden

I got a message today from a stack of bowls. Let me tell you what the largest one told me.

"Hello Dear, I've been elected to speak for the stack. We have collectively begun to be called 'Ironstone Maidens' and we need to discuss this with you. Decades ago we had a purpose in life. We served and held, sang when washed and gleamed. But just recently, the last couple of decades at least our jobs have changed. Once so practical we are now merely decor. While its nice to be admired we miss the day to day knock and ring of utensils. We never get to catch up with the soup spoons any more and you know how outrageous they can be. We implore you. Take us down, dust us off and let us work. You've never really tasted vegetables until they've cooled in our embrace. Yours most sincerely, The Ironstone Maidens."

Have you used your ironstone lately?


  1. That's so funny! And the photo is wonderful! I love how it kind of hints at the dishes, but you have to think for a minute to know what they are!

  2. Thanks Katherine-

    Guess what dinner is getting served in tonight? Stoneware!! Hope the silverware doesn't start chiming in.

  3. Reminder taken and noted. Love the message and the photo! XO