Sunday, June 6, 2010

Silk and Needle

Lavishly lavender light leans languidly and loosely over the slightly slippery and silken spool of thread. All pierced by the hard sharp point of the tool. The needle.


  1. Thank you Jamie-I'm following you, not in a scary way ; )

  2. Hey Kim! Interesting shot... intriguing light...

  3. Oh Missy, I wish you would have been at FARM CHICKS!!! What wonderful images you would have captured!!!!

    I didn't take ANY photos until Sunday,,,Saturday was just too G-Darn busy,,,and can you say "double strollers" trying to fit in 10ft square booths and junkers with their shopping carts hitting you in the chins???

    Sunday was a LOT better,,,,and although I'm NO photographer and was only there for the first 2 hours before heading home back across the Pass,,,,,you could actually SEE what was in the booths!!!

    All I can say is you would take fantastic photos at this event,,,,and others!

    I'll keep you posted,,,you might want to consider a trip to Washington next fall for a HUGE event,,,just north of Seattle!!!

    Hugs and love,,