Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yo Yo GMa

I spent part of this afternoon mending yo yos in a quilt top my Grandmother made. This was my Dad's mother. I had only met her twice before she passed away. One of my memories of her though is connected with this quilt. I can remember cutting circles of cloth with her and placing them in a glass mayonaise jar. Once the jar was full I'd take out a circle, fold over the edge and begin a gather stitch. A pull of the thread and as if by magic the yo yo was made. As I stitched today and tightened that thread I pulled back memories that aren't always at the front of my mind, but they are there, and can be drawn from the past with just a simple needle and thread.


  1. Very special. Thank you for inspiring me to continue the quilt I've left unfinished :0)

  2. Hi I'm Becca, what a lovely post, I made my first yo-yo just yesterday in fact! How wonderful you have those beautiful memories. I also love your crochet post with your mother's hands...beautiful.

  3. Hi Becca-welcome aboard. I look forward to following you, not in a scary way or anything ; )

  4. Funny, what we
    remember and what
    pulls us back to
    the past. Your
    yo-yo's are lovely,
    as is your little
    fragment of memory
    from your grandma : )!
    xx Suzanne